“Writer extraordinaire Kyler James”


                                                Dennis Cooper, author of THE MARBLED SWARM and THE SLUTS





“Kyler James takes on time, madness, religion, incest, art and Freud in this allegorical novel with a mystery at its center so compelling, you’ll read it straight through. Nothing is what it seems and only the Red Truck has the secret! This is not like any book you’ve ever read or will ever likely read.”

Trebor Healey, author of A HORSE NAMED SORROW


“THE SECRET OF THE RED TRUCK is a one-way trip beyond the limits of reality. In this really great novel, where everything is alive, Kyler James weaves a unique grasp of love and trauma through crystal-sharp prose, to shatter everyday illusions and caress the damage into a new way of experiencing the world.”

Paul Curran, author of LEFT HAND


“THE SECRET OF THE RED TRUCK is built like a hall of mirrors, filled with constantly shifting identities, tales that change in the telling, and dreams that seem to be dreaming themselves. The novel is stripped of distractions and narrative niceties so that readers will be helpless to do anything but plunge headlong into its intoxicating mysteries.”

Jeff Jackson, author of MIRA CORPORA and the forthcoming DESTROY ALL MONSTERS


“Sanity and truth are relative terms, and in this compellingly bizarre debut novel, Kyler James lures us inside the dark caverns of one man’s twisted mind—and makes it all seem real.”

James Gavin, author of IS THAT ALL THERE IS?: The Strange Life of Peggy Lee



My novel is out now at Rebel Satori Press! The book’s release was celebrated on Dennis Cooper’s blog (one of Cooper’s favorite books of 2014). Here’s a taste of it with Micky, the first of four narrators; plus a chapter was published in Chelsea Station Magazine. Check out lit agent Betsy Lerner’s blog and eleven 5-star reviews on Amazon. In NYC, on the shelves at The Strand, McNally Jackson, NYU Bookstore, Three Lives, Bookbook, Spoonbill & Sugartown—and the New York Public Library (Staff Pick).







Novel Excerpt:  MERCURY’S CHOICE


“Kyler James reveals his metropolitan world—with an intimacy and power few of us would otherwise be privileged to share. This sensitively written and fast-paced tale will lure you in for an exciting ride.”

Andy Behrman, author of ELECTROBOY


“Bravo! Kyler James has a real talent as a writer. He’s a great storyteller—and the world needs great storytellers. MERCURY’S CHOICE is very unique. It reconciled me with reading.”

Nicole Renaud, singer


My next novel is forthcoming, about the relationship between a genius of a painter and a wealthy autograph dealer. The Intro was published by Literary Vision Magazine, and a chapter can be seen in the Scroll of Thoth (Vol 1, Number 2).






Short Story:  “The Loneliest Man on Earth”


“He has a unique voice. I’ve never read anything even close to this character. Bravo!”

Andy Behrman, author of ELECTROBOY


“I enjoyed the story a lot. It’s very sharp, and that sharpness has a lot going on in it, and yet it’s all very clear, and the poetry inside isn’t weeded out by the sharpness. Kudos, man.”

Dennis Cooper, author of THE MARBLED SWARM


“Well done. Crisp dialogue. The story has a rhythm, a lilt, that carries it along. It’s a fizzy blend of danger and hope, just like life in New York.”

Ivan Webster, author of THE CARES OF THE DAY


This is my latest story, published in Ashé Journal. Once I heard from a depressed young man, alone on Thanksgiving, who Googled “the loneliest man on earth” because that’s how he felt. He found my story and said it saved his life. You can buy it here.