Youre a genius!


Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (when I found her lost umbrella on Madison Avenue)



He's terrific!

 Betty Buckley, singer/actress




Kyler James extraordinary psychic powers.


Lincoln Anderson, The Villager Newspaper



For many patrons, [the] big draw is an earnest young man named Kyler James. James takes what he does quite seriously. [He] is no shady fortune-teller. A phenomonenon enlightening.


 Julia Szabo, New York Post



Not only is Kyler incredible in that he is consistently spot on in his readings (everyone I have introduced him to has confirmed this) but he also possesses the most amazing intellect and is highly cultured.


Jessica Wainwright, literary agent



On behalf of New Line Cinema, please accept our deepest appreciation for making New Lines summer outing a complete success! Through your talent, easy going attitude and wonderful service, this years party has been rated the most successful one so far (as you predicted)!


 Raina Fischer, New Line Cinema



This guy read my cards two years ago and I cannot even begin to describe how spot on he wound up being on a rather abstractly formulated question. I am not a believer in this but I had to put skepticism aside, since I cannot possibly chalk this off as a coincidence.


Incognito, Washington Square Park Blog










Adventures on the Magical Path


(how my spiritual journey began!)




Actor Turned Psychic


(how I became a psychic on film sets!)




The Potential for Genius


(how to become a genius!)












The Wizard of Washington Square:


Winter hours: mostly too cold now!


Must be near 50˚ (Ill be there if its warm enough)


phone and video sessions available

212-777-5558  no text





Ive been chosen to be the 8 of Staffs (wands) on a new Tarot deck!


And Im now officially one of the Hipsters of New York!




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Caff Sha Sha

Le Pre Pinard

Jules Bistro

Seppis (Parker Meridien Hotel)

Factory Caf

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Earth Matters

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